When a Security Nerd’s card gets stolen

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I say it often, and I mean it everytime. Be careful what you click on. Ok, so how the heck did my card get details get stolen and used for online gambling? It was a Wednesday morning. Up early as ever and had a need to buy some trophies for our charity hill climb event […]

Cyber Attack on Commercial Vessels?

Categories: Attacks, CISO

Over the past weeks there have been a number of interesting articles on cyber attacks on commercial vessels. Many contain very little detail. All of these stem from the recent cyber attacks which have, understandable, got people a little worried. These recent cyber attacks are, as I and others have been trying to tell people, […]

5 ways to stay secure?

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Acting as Chief Information Security Officer for a number of firms can be fun and stressful. Regardless, my 5 ways of staying secure don’t change much. Here they are: Don’t publically punish people for getting it wrong, publically praise them for getting it right. Get systems in line with Cyber Essentials Plus, done properly it […]

5 Ways to Annoy a Pentester

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Every year most businesses go through some form of penetration test and typically within a few minutes of being on site I can make a reasonably good prediction as to what I will find. So I thought why not create a quick post on Top 5 Ways to Annoy a Pentester. Very useful to all those […]