Consulting in the Gig Economy

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Fun stats & facts of 6 months of security consulting in the gig economy. The most common request is to “pentest” a platform or application that does not belong to the requester. The second most common request is to write up papers for the requesters security degree or high school course. Over the six months […]

My Lockdown Survival Story

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Looking back, it came as no surprise that last week took a toll on me mentally, and I had a bad day. It is now Saturday morning, its 5 am, and as I am up (babies are awake and playing), I thought I would pen this little article so that it might bring help to someone else. This is […]

Being A Trustee

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A few days ago I decided to write a regular monthly piece on mental health in racing and Cyber Security. Before I do that though, I though I would give you all a bit of background on why I became a trustee. In motorsport we are blessed with a massive number of volunteers. Without them […]