Securing Zoom

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IMPORTANT This post is written for those who need or have to use Zoom. It is written to help those people use Zoom safely. If you are in the Cyber Security Industry and you wish to comment on why you should use X or why China is the enemy, this is not the place. Please make a post of your own […]

Remote Working Considerations

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Remote working considerations for the current pandemic situation. We all need to be taking remote working considerations. While adjusting the work paradigm, it is vital to keep a mind’s eye on the security and safety of the businesses information assets. 4 Remote Working Considerations There are four things to really take into account. Remote working is often perceived as a security risk but done well; […]

4 Remote Working Considerations

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With the current pandemic situation, we all need to be taking remote working considerations. While adjusting the work paradigm, it is vital to keep a mind’s eye on the security and safety of the businesses information assets. What business leaders should be considering while they complete rapid deployment of remote working? There are four things […]

Passwords – Please Stop It… Use a Pass Phrase!

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It has been a long two weeks and there is a lot to document but I am taking a few minutes out to have a quick word about passwords. First lets just set out the definition of a password. A password is a basic security mechanism that consists of a secret passphrase created using alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric and symbolic characters, or a combination. […]

When a Security Nerd’s card gets stolen

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I say it often, and I mean it everytime. Be careful what you click on. Ok, so how the heck did my card get details get stolen and used for online gambling? It was a Wednesday morning. Up early as ever and had a need to buy some trophies for our charity hill climb event […]

4 Steps to a Great Password

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Over the past months I have been thinking a lot about the best way for the SME to get secured. So a great starting point is a few “x Steps” articles, little things that can help the SME, and big business, be secure. Passwords How many times have you heard people say “use a different password […]

5 Ways to Annoy a Pentester

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Every year most businesses go through some form of penetration test and typically within a few minutes of being on site I can make a reasonably good prediction as to what I will find. So I thought why not create a quick post on Top 5 Ways to Annoy a Pentester. Very useful to all those […]

How to Spot a Malicious Email

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Every morning my first job of the day over a nice cup of coldbrew coffee is to go through the emails received over night. Occasionally I find a gem in the midst of the noise received from the internets. This morning I received the following email in the Security Operations mailbox: A spotting the spelling […]

Phishing a Security Pro?

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For a long time I have been advising clients, friends and the business community on how to avoid falling for phishing attacks. Even the banks have got in on the act now with some rather good TV ads. Nether the less, phishing attacks works, especially when done well. Last week I received this: The Baited […]