SBTech – Behind the Security Curve?

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Last week saw yet another company hit by the hacking group Maze. It seems that every week the group are announcing more victims.  “The Maze ransomware was discovered on May 29th 2019 by Jerome Segura. Maze is a complex piece of malware that uses some tricks to frustrate analysis right from the beginning. The malware […]

When a Security Nerd’s card gets stolen

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I say it often, and I mean it everytime. Be careful what you click on. Ok, so how the heck did my card get details get stolen and used for online gambling? It was a Wednesday morning. Up early as ever and had a need to buy some trophies for our charity hill climb event […]

KRACK Attack

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The KRACK Attack Details were released publicly on the morning of Monday 16th October 2017 (see ) of a newly-discovered and serious vulnerability in the WPA wireless network security protocol. This exploitable flaw has been dubbed the KRACK Attack (Key Reinstallation Attack). Since the vulnerability disclosure our researchers, Matthew Bowers and Peter Bassill have been researching […]

Cyber Attack on Commercial Vessels?

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Over the past weeks there have been a number of interesting articles on cyber attacks on commercial vessels. Many contain very little detail. All of these stem from the recent cyber attacks which have, understandable, got people a little worried. These recent cyber attacks are, as I and others have been trying to tell people, […]

Phishing a Security Pro?

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For a long time I have been advising clients, friends and the business community on how to avoid falling for phishing attacks. Even the banks have got in on the act now with some rather good TV ads. Nether the less, phishing attacks works, especially when done well. Last week I received this: The Baited […]