Practise - Rounds 1, 2 and 3.

Well that is practise over for the #gt4supercup today. We entered FP1 on tyres with in excess of 120 laps on them already and put in a strong set of times showing 8th fastest on the #tsltiming boards.

FP1 was tough, I will admit that. The car is performing so well and my mechanics Wes Smith and Alex Harrington did a super job of looking after #bumblebee and me. Running on what if frankly shot tyres was an experience and for all of FP1 it felt more like a drift challenge that Gt racing but the times stayed in the window I wanted and my confidence in the car increased more and more.

FP2 was, well, interesting. The tyres now had closure to 150 laps on them, and the rears let go after two laps. The fronts weren't far behind them. Four wheel drifting out of surtees and into clearways is an experience no-one really wants to try, especially when the left wheels kiss the gravel trap. Braking into paddock hill bend it was clear it was time to box but I want committed to a fast corner. With the left wheels well on the way into the gravel the car came up straight and we took druids sideways. Great for spectators but bad for me. Boxing at the end of the lap, swapping out to fresh slicks the nest five laps were a formality ready for tomorrow.

A massive thanks to the team at Century Motorsport, my sponsors Hedgehog Security, Digital Asset Management Ltd, The Dove Service and Genius Within CIC. Thanks to our newest supported Duurt Dijkman and #motorsportxtra.

Well that is it for final practise. I know I need to find 2 seconds but the car is perfect, the tyres are sorted so lets get some rest and sleep ready for the morning.

TSL Timing report is here: