Test and Media Day Report

Test Day - March 20

It’s the 20th of March. The location is Brands Hatch. The weather, surprisingly, is dry and while there is a chill in the air it isn’t too cold. Until today I have never run with a professional motorsports team such as Century Motorsport and have certainly never competed in such a highly competitive series such as the Ginetta GT4 SuperCup.

Arriving early at the circuit the team immediately put me at ease. I met Wez and Alex, my mechanics for year. The car looked great and while the livery wasn’t finished it certainly looks the part.


The morning sessions were focused on me getting comfortable in the car. No blazing times, but keeping the car on the black and getting used to how she feels. Getting used to the car proved harder than I anticipated. Having come from single seater racing and hill climbing, when Shaun our race engineer asked how the car felt after some changes I really had no frame of reference. It really all felt the same to me.

The key take away from the mornings sessions was I needed a lot more seat time to get used to the feel of the car. While the car was settled and composed, I still lacked the confidence to really lean in on the tyres.

Media Day - 21st March

Media Day had many more G55’s on track. We had four sessions spread over the day and first session was well, frankly horrible. The car felt like it was on the edge all the time and I wasn’t relaxed at all.

Session two saw everything come back together though and with a level of confidence in the car I had not had before the lap times started falling off. On tyres with over 100 laps on them, the times averaged between 50.5 and 51.5 seconds.

Session three started out with new rubber and the times dropped slightly more. Still a good step off of the pace but improving with every lap.

At the end of the day, my fastest lap was a 49.734 and an average of 51.0. Considering it was the first time properly out in the car it was a good two days.