Its February

Where does the time go? It seems like only a few days ago I was sat in the cockpit of the G55 and only a few days ago I was at Autosport International. Time certainly flies.

With January now a memory, and the first month with the twins done it is time to get down to the business of race preparation. In the next few days the team at Century Motorsport will be picking up the G55 from Ginetta.

I am both excited and in many ways scared to be taking ownership of the car. With defects so far, on the brand new car, ranging from pop rivets with razor sharp tops, leaking windscreen through to a brake bias that was fitted incorrectly, the team at Century will have some work to do to bring the car up to spec for me. On the plus side, Ginetta build an amazing GT car, it truely is amazing. Straight off the truck it handled extremely well and certainly was not shy with the power. But then I suppose with all cars there will always be teething troubles.

Tomorrow I am back at Speedworks factory to spend some time with Tom Ingram on the Sim. Over the winter I have done possibly thousands of miles in my Sim, but it is always great to spend time with Tom and work on the finer points to catch those 1/10 second breaks.

The week ahead, twins permitting, I will be back in the gym working off those winter pounds. I aim to be getting the vlog up and running too, just as soon as the new offices are finished and I can move in.

Until next time, Never Give Up!.