I love to BBQ, so this section of my site is dedicated to something very non-technical. BBQ. I cook on a wood pellet smoker/bbq. In case you are interested, its a Pit Boss Navigator 850.

The Pit Boss Navigator 850 is a very adaptable wood pellet smoker and grill and simple to use if you don’t mind constantly monitoring the temperature and adjusting to maintain that perfect heat. There are certainly a number of modifications I would make but right now, it’s just right.

A lot of Pit Masters in the UK plump for a Traeger. I found the Pit Boss a much better and versatile smoker and grill. Modifications made are very simple. Lower fixed tray and a Pro series chimney.

Piggy Smalls BBQ


These are recipes that I have been using for some time. These have all been adapted, modified and finely tuned from other recipes that I have used over the years.