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* MOTD: Welcome to my cabin on the backwater of the internet.

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Hello, and welcome to my cabin on the backwater of the internet. I am a security researcher and penetration tester at Hedgehog Security and have been working full time at Hedgehog since 2010 following my departure from the Gala Coral Group which is now part to the Entain Group.

Most importantly I am the father to twins, Evangeline and Felix who are 3 years old now. The pair of them cetainly keep me on my toes. Evangeline already identified a serious vulnerability in a news app on the iPhone and Felix managed to open the nursery door when it had the baby lock on and the door handle had fallen off from the inside. It does seem like i have two buddying security researchers and penetration testers growing up rapidly around me.

My hobby and passion is cyber security. When I am not working and have some spare time (which is very rare now), I am bug hunting on the BugCrowd bugbounty program platform.

Away from technology, I am a professional Yachtmaster with a commercial license although I no longer do commercial work. I love getting out on our yacht SV Linea and enjoying some of the slower life sailing around the Mediterranean.

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