Petes Pulled Pork

Categories: BBQ Recipies

Very simple, easy to make, pulled pork. You really want to take some time, go to a skilled local butcher (avoid those darn supermarkets, the meat isn’t the best). For a typical shoulder, expect a cook time of around 2 hours per pound.


Pork Shoulder, as big as you like.


Trim of the excess fat so you have about 1/8 of an inch of fat left.

Score the fat, in a grid manner, just deep enough to go through the fat and reach the meat.

Apply the binder. This is anything that will give the rub something to adhere to. I like to use just plain ol water.

Add the rub in an even layer on all sides.

Place in the smoker, fat side down. There is lots of debate about fat side up or down, but I find down works best.

Place the water bath between the firebox and the pork.

Once the pork hits 160(f) degrees inside, remove and wrap in butchers paper.

Continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 200(f)